I"m ready for ya Hanna!

So no clue as to how badly the storm will hit or if it even will. Here's what's been going on: First it was coming straight for us. Then it was going more north. Then it was set to hit Wilmington. Then it didn't turn like expected so as of the latest I heard (about an hour ago) the eye is expected to hit somewhere between Charleston and Georgetown. We should get the west side of the storm (the better side to get) and just experience strong winds and rain. I got everything but the wheelbarrow in the shed (not moving it, scared there are black widows underneath it) so no projectile's in the yard. The car is full of gas, phone is fully charged, and candles are out with a lighter in case of power loss. The only thing left to do is sit and wait...

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Heto said...

I was wondering how you're doing down there in the Path of the Storm (scary music and thunder!).

Keep us updated, so long as you have power, I guess!