Studying is lame

So I studied for a little bit...while watching Jeopardy. C'mon it was Jeopardy. You never know what questions will come up so it may help me study more. It didn't tonight but one day, that show is going to come in handy. The Biggest Loser is on now and I've never watched that show any other season but I kinda like it. It was between TBL and the new 90210. I went for TBL...will Coleen and Jerry lose 2.4%? Or will they go home????? I have to watch and see. So no studying for me :) Besides with the stuff the test is over I'm not sure that studying will help at all. I got the first half of the information down pat. The other half? Not so much...acytelcholine? Who needs to know about that? Not I!

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