Obviously I didn't blow away...

So the storm was a breeze last night (haha...get it...wind...breeze, hehehe). We didn't lose power and it sounded a little windy but it didn't cause any damage. As for why I did not have a hurricane party: I dont' want a bunch of drunk people stuck at my house and can't leave. I did receive 2 offers to go to other people's houses...1 got cancelled because she lives downtown which floods very easily and I'm thinking she didnt' want people stuck there either. The other offer was to go more inland but again, the prospect of being stuck there was undesirable. Plus I'm not sure he had the most honorable intentions with the invite. It was just me and Evie riding the storm out and we survived.
So Heather, why might one want to have a hurricane party?
1)You don't have to be alone and stuck in your house for however long.
2)You'll probably get drunk enough (ahem...Kevin) to forget about the hurricane.
3)You could play a really good game of hide-and-seek when the power went out. Just remember to watch out for the coffee table. It'll do a number on your knees.

Why would one NOT want to have a hurricane party?
1)You are stuck with these people for however long the storm lasts.
2)Vomiting...and no power/water to get rid of the smell.
3)People pass out and make that hide-and-seek game much more challenging when you try to run. That could go under both a + and a -

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Heto said...

Ah, I have been enlightened! Thank you, oh wise one!

This information might come in useful if we move to Wilmington, or another close-to-the-water city. Although, I think I might be with you and NOT have a hurricane party. Let's see if Kevin lets me get away with that...