Oh crap! Im turning into my brother...

I watched a movie the other day, Wal-mart: The High Cost of Low Prices and I was absolutely appalled. My brother has always bad-mouthed Wally World but I had always chalked it up to his whole unionism thing. Oh my gosh this movie is horrible! I will never step foot in a Wal-mart again. Or Sam's Club. If any of you have the opportunity to watch this documentary, I would suggest it. Hopefully it will turn you off Wal-mart as well.
Did you know that Wal-mart encourages their employees to get on Medicaid?
And that they refuse to pay overtime so the managers will go in to the timeclock system under a false user id to move the overtime onto a new week's paycheck?
And that the employees that work overseas get paid some insane amount like $0.13 per hour? They live in "dorms" (they make college dorms look gigantic) and even if they choose to move out of the dorms, the rent is STILL deducted from their measly paycheck.
If any union activity is suspected in Wal-Mart, the store manager is no longer in charge and they immediately fly in a corporate team (on a private jet of course) to squash the activity.
Wal-Mart employees have the opportunity to deduct money from their paycheck to help fellow employees in the event of an emergency (ie: fire, tornado, etc). They gave $5 million in one year. That same year, the Walton family (worth $1 billion) gave $6,000. The Walton family gave something like 2% of their income to charity. Bill Gates gave 58%.
Kevin, I'm sorry I didn't listen to you earlier...Wal-mart really is an evil empire.

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