Does anyone see a problem with this situation?

26 year old girl: I love Britney!
37 year old man: Me too!

Not how the real conversation went but you got the point. And no the problem is NOT that the 26 year old likes Britney. And this was overheard...not about me at all!


Anonymous said...

You of all people should not object to anyone liking Britney Spears. She makes hooky, pop music. Her producers probably deserve far more credit than she does, but what're you gonna do.
And if the 26 year old and 37 year old were having a convesration about music, it means they either had similar taste or they dug each other.
OK. Maybe the older guy just lied cause he was trying to get some from the 26 year old. Which is pretty pathetic.

Kristin said...

Well I'm glad this blog is not about me because then you would be talking about a 37 year old getting something (not sure what) from your sister and that's creepy in itself.
But as long as we both agree that it's pathetic the 37 year old guy claimed to like Britney then good!