Donkey or Elephant?

So I'm attempting to watch the debate but really...1 minute to respond. Ok...that means 1 minute. Not 5! Neither candidate can play by these rules that THEY agreed to, why will they play by the rules after elected? This is what I'm hearing from both sides: "Senator, how will you fix x problem?" "Well you see, the other guy wants to do this horrible fix. That's a horrible idea." That is NOT answering the question.
They keep rambling on so here's where my mind is going: Does John McCain still have all of his teeth? Who cleans the president's teeth? Does the same person clean the VP's teeth? How often do they get cleaned? What kind of toothbrush does he use? Does he floss daily?
I still am not sure how I'm going to vote...John McCain is about to keel over any day. Joe Biden is like a creepy uncle (not that I'm calling any of my uncles the creepy one). I just wish the candidates would stop pointing fingers and actually address the issues so I can make my mind up. Is that so much to ask guys?

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