Donkey or Elephant? Pt. 2

When the moderator has to point out exactly what the traffic light system means...it's not a good sign. These guys want to be the president and don't know/pay attention to green...yellow...red. Red does NOT mean keep going. Bad driver that I tend to be, even I know that one.
I wish I had known that if you give the opposite answer than what the question asks, you get it right. I really could have used that on Monday when I took a test. I could have written what dysreflexia is NOT and what are NOT the signs/symptoms and then argued with Mrs. Stewart when she marked it wrong. If it works for the potential president, it should work for me.
Also, Barack, saying that you are not following the rules because McCain is not, is not a good idea. Didn't your mom ever say "If all your friends were jumping off a bridge, would you do it too?"
I can't wait for SNL this weekend. They are totally going to tear this debate apart.

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