Tomorrow! Tomorrow!

I think I'm going to do it tomorrow. I'm going to give my notice at work. I had planned on waiting until next Tuesday so I could continue working there before starting at Dr. L's on November 8th...but I just don't think I can make it at that office until then. Today was a horrible day - except, aside from the fact that I didn't talk to anyone, I didn't think it was that bad. Apparently, my refusal to chit chat needlessly with the other staff members is a problem and put a "bad vibe" in the office. I did everything the other staff asked, I helped with instruments/trays...but not good enough. I should chit chat and get along and be friends. Let's go ahead and have a group hug at the end of the day - no thanks! You know how I feel about hugs.
I was thinking about it and I used to love going to that office. I looked forward to Monday & Tuesday because I just really loved work. Then things changed, there was all kinds of office drama and no one got along. Now I would rather be anywhere else than work. I usually take a 2-3 hour lunch just to not be in that building. I'd rather not get paid than have to deal with the fakeness & drama of the place.
I was pulled aside and told I was not a team player and to come in with a better attitude tomorrow. Well, I'm not going to be a team player when no one else is. Everyone else gets to do the bare minumum and it's fine so why should I do any more? I realize that's a horrible attitude to have and I feel like I don't have that attitude at my other offices. I didn't used to have that attitude there. I think that the longer I stay there the more stressed I will become and the worse off both I & the office will be. I just have to summon up the courage to let her know exactly why I am quitting. I don't want her to think that I'm leaving because a)I got yelled at or b)the one person I got along with left. She was a reason to stick around because she made my day bearable but I was still becoming unhappy..I think she just slowed the process down.
I don't want to be a quitter - but I am going to be!!

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