And it continues...

So Project V (which I've been told I need to rename because it sounds like a different sort of project...one I'm not embarking on) is still continuing. I haven't had any meat since Monday at around 2pm. I've also made a delicious pasta (with zucchini, tomatoes, garlic & pine nuts), tried tofu (good at one place, not so much at another), and eaten a lot more fruit than I normally would. I also have been trying to eat lots of lentils since they are a good source of protein as well.
Tonight though - it's all going to be ruined. I'm going on a date with Early to Bowen's Island and they don't have any vegetarian items. I feel a little bit better that it is at least local seafood, and at least it's seafood instead of meat. We're also going to a local Fright Night thing with a haunted corn maze & a haunted hay ride. I'm pretty sure he's going to scream like a little girl but at least he's willing to go along!

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