C'mon Thursday at 4!!

Oh my gosh can it get worse? Ok...don't answer that. I know, it can. I don't really have it that badly. But I got cussed at by a patient today because he was upset his gums were sore (not my fault you SUCK at brushing your teeth and can't brush the bottom half of them)...I seem incapable of running on time at work lately...and Old Dude is definitely blowing me off. Early is just too busy with school to give me attention and I just want a hug to make today better!! Since I will not be receiving that hug today...I want tomorrow to hurry up and get here so I can go to Fayetteville and everything will be ok again.
If Mrs. W saw my FB post (and if she loves me) and has time, I just know she'll make a pumpkin cake...I really hope she has time (and loves me!). She makes the best pumpkin cake - so moist with the best cream cheese icing you'll ever have. Seriously. This is an award winning cake. What award you ask? The Official Kristin LOVES This Cake Award. I did not just make that up.
For now though, I'm just going to crawl in my bed and hide from whatever evil the world has left in store for me today.

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Debbie said...

maybe you could get a reciepe for tthe afore mentioned cake....cause it sounds like it would win my award also!