Sleeping with the Fishes

I decided to grab dinner from a place around the corner from me last night. I had to park halfway there anyways and didn't have any food aside from 4 day old leftover frozen pizza...so going out to eat seemed pretty appealing.
As I sat down, the waiter approached me and said "Hi, I'm Flounder." (name changed to protect the...innocent? guilty? shameless?) I told him I knew, I'd been in there before and he actually remembered me. He asked where I sat - I pointed to the corner and he said "yeah you were in here with your mom. She was from out of town. You live a few blocks away." I was quite impressed with his memory - as the only thing I remembered was his name because when he told us the last time I said "Flounder? Like the fish?"
Anyways, as it was Wednesday night and I didn't have to work the next day I decided I'd have a drink or two. I imbibed on a Ladybird and it was delicious - coconutty, pineapply - like summertime except that it was 20 degrees outside. The chicken curry? Also quite tasty. At the end of my meal, Flounder came over and gave me the bill. He also gave me a comment card (which I noticed he had not given the next table over) and said to leave my name, email, phone number...whatever. There was no spot on the card for a phone number though...As he walked away, I realized he was asking for my number!! Score!! Side note here - Flounder is really cute, in a pretty boy kinda way. He's also very charismatic, quite the charmer. He seems like he'd be a lot of fun to spend time with. Plus I found out he's 32 and knows about the NKOTB2M98D tour. So, after a few minutes internal debate, I figure I have nothing to lose so I leave him my number.
Fast forward to an hour later....I get a text:
 "Hey, it's Flound'er." Wait...what??? Flound'er?? There is no apostrophe in Flound'er. Oh geez. That's a dumb way to spell that name.
"Want to hang out? I can come by your place...." - come by my place? That sounds like...WAIT A MINUTE....did I just initiate a booty call? That is not what I thought I was doing...
Fast forward another hour:
Phone call - I was already asleep at this point. But wow, I completely didn't see that one coming.

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