Kingsbury Street Cafe

I know yesterday wasn't Sunday...but I tried a brunch place yesterday. I didn't have to be at work until 11:30 so I asked that guy I went out with a few times if he wanted to meet me at Kingsbury Street Cafe for brunch. He is a big breakfast fan (and maybe a big me fan?) so he agreed to meet me.
I'm not sure if I can give the wait-time a fair rating - after all it was Saturday. Maybe more people go to this place on Sundays? But there was no wait which was nice. The wait staff was nice and willing to give recommendations. I got the lemon pancakes per the waiter's advice...and...well...I don't know that I want to listen to him anymore. They were borderline mushy, almost like they hadn't been cooked enough. The lemon sauce coating them was good, but I think I would have prefered syrup.
The guy got the Kingsbury Street Cafe Sampler or something like that - it's your basic breakfast. Eggs, bacon, a scone, roasted tomatoes (looked good!! He didn't eat them...), and potatoes. He said it was good.
I'd give this place a 5 - the atmosphere was nice. It was a good crowd. But the food was mediocre at best.

I got to do part of my giving challenge here though. I asked the guy if he minded if I left a tip. I explained the giving challenge and he said it was fine. I left the waiter a 50% tip - I remember waiting tables. When you are so accustomed to getting 10-15% (my times have changed since I waited tables...now people expect 20% minimum!), getting a big percentage of the bill is such a rush! I hope it brightened up his day.

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Emily/Randomability said...

I'm not sure where it is, but my Mom meets her sister at Sally's. I'd be interested in how that would rank with you. I've never been.