Restoring my Faith in Humanity

Wow this past weekend was rough! I feel like I'm being bullied at work by a sorta supervisor and it SUCKS. Like super sucks. I'm not sure what to do. It makes me hate going to work and one of the things that I've always liked about my job is that I really enjoy going to work. I feel like people up here are just....different. Not in a good way either. Obviously, not everyone up here is a giant jerk-face. I have met some very nice people. But it seems like most people I meet here are just not overly friendly. I've spent my time since leaving work on Saturday trying to restore my faith in humanity and to remind myself that there are nice people out there.
I went out with a girl I used to work with for St. Patricks Day...perhaps not the best day to find nice people but it wasn't horrible. I had fun at least but drunk people are not always the nicest people...but I did laugh a lot, which was a nice feeling.
Sunday was spent movie-hopping with my friend and then today - I had to temp in a different office and was totally dreading it! Which was ridic because I knew I wouldn't see Jerk-face but I was still not wanting to go in. Since I couldn't cancel, I stopped by Chick-Fil-A for some comfort food and made my way in...and it was good. Everyone was nice - the staff, the patients, everyone. My faith is somewhat restored.

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Anonymous said...

REmember, there are more nice people out that than jerks... it is just that we remember the jerks more! Hang in there! Hope all gets resolved!