Don't Mind If I Do!!

I went grocery shopping tonight at this new-ish grocery store that everyone raves about here. It's called Mariano's. It's similar to Whole Foods in that it's a little more "upscale" than a regular grocery store. It's similar to a regular grocery store in that they have normal brands like Kraft and Nabisco. Now a big reason that I went to this grocery store tonight was because it was a long freaking day at work. I wanted to get to the store, grab a drink and do my grocery shopping. Yes, that's right. You can drink while you grocery shop!! That's a perk that Mariano's has in common with Whole Foods....except not my Mariano's!! Horrible! Apparently they only serve beer & wine at the downtown Mariano's. Well, little do they know, I'm not easily deterred. Actually I am. But an employee there was very encouraging. Said that he's seen one or two people walking around with a six pack and drinking from that. He even opened the beer for me. I like grocery shopping - but grocery shopping with a beer? Way better!
The only downfall is impulsive shopping. But I've been sticking to paleo long enough (not really) that I didn't super crave absolutely every carb that I walked by. My big dilemma: what do I want for dinner tomorrow? It's Easter Sunday so I would like something special...but I need to get back on the paleo kick. So, shrimp scampi? I do make pretty good shrimp scampi...but that pasta. Or steamed shrimp with broccoli? Tough choice. Hope I make the right one!!

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