I'm A Nice Girl!!

Work has not gotten any better. It all came to a head today and well...we'll see if it gets any better. I'm trying to be optimistic and think it will...but I'm also realistic and not exactly convinced that this will be the case. I encounter nice people all the time. Most of my patients are very friendly with me. Most of my coworkers are very friendly with me. Most of my fellow gym-goers at least say hi and are friendly in the gym setting (working on outside of the gym setting...not going well there...). But right now I am so desperate for people to think I am nice, I sat and had a 10 minute conversation with the RCN tech about pretty much nothing, just normal every day things. It was while we were trying to get my cable box working and there was some downtime...but I wanted to just talk and have a normal conversation. So we talked. About the home shopping network. About how they don't outsource to India so the guy that initialized my cable just happened to have a really Indian accent but was here in America. About just normal things. It was nice. She was nice. I was nice. It was a nice conversation. I am capable of having nice conversations.

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Anonymous said...

come home where peoples are nice! Smiling Faces...Beautiful Places and all that jazz!