Things are coming along nicely for my move. I've sold some of my furniture, got my license paperwork sent off to Illinois, and even found a home for Evie! I just have more stuff to sell/sort through & then I'm off to Chicago.
I am getting nervous about this whole coat/jacket situation. I'm so confused & overwhelmed by everything I think/people are telling me/the thought of being cold. My brother swears by wool but yelp.com said to stay away from wool as it takes a while to dry & smells funky while it's wet. I don't want something long (it gets splashed by buses? That happens?) but not short (Cold butt anyone? No thanks). I should relax about this jacket but I am worried I'll be in total shock when I walk outside of November 2. Perhaps I should just stay inside until June 1?
Does anyone have any practical suggestions for a jacket? I have heard I need 2 coats: 1 dressy & 1 casual (but both warm) because Chicago is a dressy city & I have to be prepared to not be bumming all the time. I should get knee length, I should get mid-thigh. I should get wool. I should get waterproof. I should get fur (or faux fur). I should go to Burlington's, Macy's, Bloomingdales', H & M. I need boots, insulated & rubber soled. Knee high if I'll be walking. What do I do? So many options. So much information.

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Emily/Randomability said...

Definitely something mid-thigh as you're right, you want something to cover your butt. Check out coats at Burlington when you get there. Find something warm and with a hood.