31, 30, 29

And the countdown continues! And great news - I've got a place to live! Well, there's just 1 little catch. I need to win it first. But thats where all of you come in. If you'll just go to HGTV and put in a little of your information, that'd be super. I can live in your luxurious apartment in Chicago and live the fabulous life...and you can come visit me. I mean, you can come stay in your apartment whenever you'd like!
Imagine, when you come to town, we can go to all the cool bars & restaurants that are nearby. We'll go strolling thru the light snow that is blowing gently thru the air. We'll go iceskating in Millenium Park. When it's summer and all that snow/ice has finally melted, we can go to the concerts & baseball games & do all the fun things that Chicago has to offer.
Also, I'm now the proud owner of 3 winter coats & boots! Real boots! Made for walking in the snow! Now I need to have a home to walk outside of. Enter, please!

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