Arf! Arf!

I'm a very worried girl. I think that no one loves me and wants to give me a home. My Kristin is going to move to Chicago soon and I know she needs to do that to be happy. I want her to be happy because I'll be happier when she's happy. But what will happen to me until she can move me up there? What if I don't find a nice family to love me? I'm so friendly and nice. I don't bark or chew or go poo in the house. My Kristin yells at me when I do those things so I learned if I'm a good girl, I won't get yelled at. I don't want my Kristin to give me away to anyone...I mean, I know I'll get to go stay with someone for a little bit but that will be like a vacation. Not like...forever. Forever sounds scary without my Kristin. I love her lots and don't want to never see her again. Uh oh...I have to go, my Kristin is coming downstairs and she doesn't like it when I'm on her computer. Her old roommate once blamed me for being on her computer snooping around. Ever since then, I think she's been a little suspicious of me. Won't someone please love me and take me home for a few months?

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M said...

You are beautiful (just like Kristin) and I wish I could take you but my building does not allow dogs.