A New Step

Well, the rumors have been circulating so I may as well put an end to them. I am moving to Chicago. I'm planning on leaving Charleston on October 30th. Now I know what you're thinking. "Why in the world would that silly girl leave beautiful Charleston, SC in OCTOBER to move to Chicago? Doesn't she know it's cold?" Well, yes I do. Unfortunately, I don't really know what cold means. But I do feel like it's time for a change. I've been in Charleston for 10 years and I feel like things have kinda stalled out for me. I need a change. Besides, a move doesn't have to be permanent. I'm going to stay in Chicago for 1 year. If I'm miserable...I'll go somewhere else. I'm single & have a job that allows me to do that. If I'm happy (or even just neutral), maybe I'll stay in Chicago a little longer. I grew up in the South, in what I consider to be a normal size city. I want to experience something different.
Why Chicago? I visited last year and LOVED it. It felt like a small city with a big city feel. There was so much to do and explore and so many people. There was that giant Whole Foods and maybe I can get a job working in the Willis (formerly Sears) tower! There is snow (an understatement??) and professional sports and theater and so many other things. I'll be 6 hours from R (moved to St. Louis) and 4 hours from my bro (and H!) so we can go see Les Mis in November.
My biggest problem is finding what to do with my dog. I'll be staying with a friend of mine for the first few months, until I can find a place to live and a job (yeah, I'm moving without one of those). I already feel like I'm imposing by staying for an indefinite amount of time. I don't feel right bringing my sweet dog with me. I'm hoping I can find someone who is willing to keep her for an indefinite amount of time (maybe 3 months?? hopefully less but possibly longer) until I find my own apartment & can transport her to me. I have a couple feelers out but I'm not getting a shiny, happy feeling from any of them. Know of anyone who wants a temporary dog? She's incredibly sweet, housetrained, not a chewer/barker/any other annoying habits that dogs tend to have. She's definitely a cuddler too, if you let her. The only thing is she is very energetic (especially when you first come in the house or let her out of her crate) but she really does calm down fairly quickly. She gets along great with other dogs too! If I can't find a temporary home for her, then I'll have to begin looking for a permanent home...and I really don't want to do that. Any takers? Please???

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