Stitch Fix Review #1

It finally arrived! That Stitch Fix box I'd been anxiously awaiting! Quick recap on what Stitch Fix is:

1. You pay a $20 styling fee which can later be used towards merchandise credit if you decide to purchase anything.
2. A stylist picks out 5 items based upon a style profile you fill out.
3. They mail you the box with a style suggestions card. You try things on in your home and can mix/match with your own clothing.
4. You keep what you like (prices vary based upon your preferences) and send back what you don't.

I pretty much pounced on my mail lady when I saw her coming up the walk. I'm sure that was a good first impression as this is the first time I've met her. I did tell her she was my favorite person of the day for delivering my fix. (Sometimes I feel like a drug addict when I talk about this service. I just need a quick Fix! Just one! I swear, just a little...that's probably how addicts feel, right?)

Here's my walk thru:

I was pretty excited to open up the box!! I did sneak a peek at the style card just to see what was in store for me:

On to the items: 
1. Zad Veronica Layered Metal Cuff - $32

I liked this well enough but not enough to spend $32 on it. It seemed like a good quality but I really couldn't see myself wearing it very often. I have a couple cuff bracelets already and think I've worn this maybe once each. So spending that much on a bracelet I'd probably wear once or twice seemed silly. 

2. Mystree Charlie Mixed Stripe Maxi Skirt - $68

I LOVED this skirt when I pulled it out of the box. I have not had much luck with maxi skirts in the past but a friend advised me to try Spanx underneath it to smooth out all those unsightly spots. The spanx definitely helped!! I really liked it on...except it was so long. In the picture below, the skirt is pulled up basically to the bottom of my bra. If it had been a little cheaper or fit a little better, I would have kept it. But for $68 plus the cost of alterations - I didn't see myself getting $68+ wear out of it. 

3. Papermoon Waters Diamond Print Maxi Dress - $78

I really liked this when I took it out of the box. Again, it was another maxi item - but I was hopeful! I tried it on and it was so soft and so comfortable. But upon seeing a picture of it, I was told by multiple people that I looked matronly. I figured if I tried on a cardigan it might help. But no. It only made it worse. 

4. Ezra Tara Mixed Material Aztec Print Blouse - $48

This item was on the top of my box. The color excited me and the pattern scared me. But I had agreed to try everything on. The first time I put it on - I did not like it. The pattern was overwhelming. It was soft and comfortable. But just wasn't me. I tried everything else on and came back to it. I tried it on with a darker pair of jeans and liked it better. Since I didn't want to lose my $20, I decided I should keep this shirt. It was different than anything I had in my closet. The more I had it on, the more I liked it. I wore it out to the bar that night and got compliments. By the end of the night, I was really glad I had decided to keep this shirt. 

5. Ellison Baldwin Stripe & Colorblock Henley Blouse - $38

This was the one item I didn't love upon first sight. I liked it. But it looked scary. It was sheer. It was almost a button down. A collar? Yikes! However, if you look back on the style card, it looks really really cute from far off. So I tried it on with the "dressy" style - dark jeans & a pair of heels. (I'm in the process of moving and hadn't unpacked any jewelry yet. They suggest jewelry options too...but I wasn't entirely prepared.) I actually don't hate it. I think it would have grown on me. However, my hips (per usual) are just a teensy bit too big and the shirt was pretty snug over them. My biceps & back/shoulders may also be growing (Thanks Westside barbell program & Kurt!!) because it was pretty snug in those areas as well.  Based upon the fit, I didn't want to keep it. I think a size up would have swallowed me whole though.

Things I learned from this fix: 
 - have my friend take pictures from a better angle.
- clean my house (or at least finish unpacking) before having pictures taken
- it's not so scary to try on "different" items

I'd totally do this again. In fact, I already scheduled another fix for late June.  If you decide you want to try Stitch Fix, I'd love if you used my referral link - it gives me a small credit and allows you to use a super cool & fun service.

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