So Much Happening!

I feel like I've got much happening over the next few days! I need/want to finish my Christmas shopping. I'm going to game night at Greg's and planning on bringing this super extra yummy buffalo chicken dip that my old neighbor used to make....it'll be a big hit! Plus, I have a date. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm trying to contain my excitement...just in case something happens and the date falls through. I'm good at sticking my foot in my mouth and ruining things. So I'm trying to keep my mouth shut! He's pretty cute. And he's a firefighter. And appears to have a sexy firefighter body in the pictures I've seen...I'm excited. Eek. I just squeaked.
Aside from all that, my ma is coming to the city for the holidays. It'll be her first time here so I'm trying to come up with a list of fun things to do. Here's some ideas I'm tossing around so far:
1. Lunch at the big Macy's that used to be Marshall Fields.
2. Walking the Magnificent Mile/looking at store fronts/shopping/seeing Christmas lights.
3. A drink at the Signature Room (How long of a wait?!?!?)
4. Navy Pier? I haven't been and it's supposedly pretty touristy but they have a good Christmas display.
5. Christmas Kindlemarket...errr...something like that. It's a German Christmas market that's supposed to be neat.
6. The zoo.
7. Hot Doug's?
8. A wine tasting at the GINORMOUS Whole Foods? Or go to a wine bar?

That's all I got so far. We'll spend 3 or 4 days in Toledo so really we only need enough to fill Thursday, Friday night & the following Thursday...but we should have options!

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