We trekked over to the West Loop for brunch this Sunday. There was a new crowd so plenty of dishes tried! Now I'll go ahead and spoil this review by stating that this has been my favorite brunch place so far. Let's see, can I even list all the things I loved about this place?
1. They took reservations. No 45 minute wait for this group!
2. They had parking! I didn't have to take public transit or pay an inevitable ticket!
3. We sat down at the table to some fresh bread & rolls. It was so good - and fresh butter. Yum.
4. They came to the table with juice fresh squeezed in glasses & offered it to us. It's hard to say no to fresh squeezed juice! (Somehow I managed.)
5. The menu was good. Not huge but it covered the basics. Plus the specials menu looked really tasty.
6. I ordered the baked french toast with sauteed apples. It was soaked overnight then coated with a brown sugar/cinnamon crust and baked. Coated with some powdered sugar plus the butter & maple syrup I added....mmmm....heavenly!
7. They had chicken & waffles on the menu! I heard it was pretty good but I didn't get a taste.

So I also had the potatoes (good, no dill, see Bongo Room) and the ham. The ham was a little odd - more of a thick sliced lunch meat ham than the bone in ham I was expecting. But the flavor was good. The server was good & knowledgable, steering those of us with questions in the right direction.

Now I am enamored with this place. But I will point out the bad things - there was coffee cups & urns on the table. But they charged for the coffee. I didn't like that. If it's on the table it should be included at no cost. It's like if they charged us for the bread on the table or the water. Ridic. But I don't drink coffee so that's not that huge of a deal to me. Actually that's all I have for the bad things.

Pricewise, I thought it was fair. Everyone else said the food was "ok to good" but Greg, well, he likes himself the Bongo Room and I don't think anything else will measure up for him. If someone said "Hey do you want to go to the Bongo Room or Ina's?" Well, my answer would definitely be Ina's. I give this place an 8 - right alongside the Bongo Room.

(Pictures to follow if I can get my phone to work right)

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