Chase of C2 has decided that his/our new hobby is going to be couponing. I'm not doing so good with the couponing as I don't like to cut things out, plan my shopping trips in depth, or put effort into saving money. If it's easy to save money, I'm all for it...but effort? Meh. However, he's also decided that we should like sweepstakes. Since I am not much help with couponing, he hasn't included me in the sweepstaking. The thing is: I like winning stuff! Today, I had a little free time since it's cold outside so I decided to enter some sweepstakes and GUESS WHAT? I WON! I entered a bunch, for books, cash, kitchen gadgets, etc....most of them I have to wait on. Now, I know, the suspense is killing you. What did I win? A hat! A tobaggan, a beanie. It says Robitussen. Oh yeah, I'll be styling in my free hat!

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