My trip to St. Louis

I had a great time out in St. Louis...I can't wait to go back! Where to start...
We went to a tapas bar down the street from Ed's when I got in. Ed had read great things about the place, Mozaic, so we thought we'd give it a try. Oh my gosh, horrible! The food itself was not SO bad, just overpriced by about $3 on each item. Then there was the techno music that was almost vibrating the seat. It was only 7 pm...not quite appropriate.
The next day, good ol' July 4th, we woke up early and got to see the parade being set up! We were just looking out the window when all of a sudden a huge dog float was rolling down the road...weird. So anyways, we get to the parade which is supposed to be one of the largest in the US. Here's why: It seemed like every high school marching band was there, including the Marching Bronchos (yes...Broncho's. That's not MY Spelling mistake). Every branch of the police/fire/EMS/bomb squad got to march thru. The MIB (Men in Black...yeah, that movie from 1997) float went by with guys in suits. There was a giant hula girl that appeared to be scratching herself down there. Ms. Senior Missouri America of 2007 (2008 was not available, darn!). Every other Ms. Missouri one could imagine(teen, Mo. U, disabled). Towards the end there was even a Harry Potter float. (that prompted a frantic phone call to let Heather know about the Potter spotting) Oh...and you can't forget the MAJOR celebrity that made an appearance. Drake Bell!!! Of Josh and Drake...oh wait, no one knows that show??? But a parade is a parade and so it was lots of fun!
That night we watched fireworks from a former NFL player's house (Terry Stieve...nice guy, no idea who he was). I think I'm spoiled from the Ft. Bragg fireworks though. The ones this year could be seen almost all the way around, but you couldn't lay down on a blanket and feel them go off.
Afterwards we went over to a martini bar where I didn't like the first drink I tried so I had 3 more ordered for me...I liked all 3 of them! Double dark Chocolate Raspberry...mmmm! Blueberry...yummm!! Passionfruit...delicious!!
The next day...felt like butt. I did make some deviled eggs that ALMOST made it to a cookout in decent condition. It was very sad when I had to leave...but I will be back out there in a month.

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Heto said...

*I* know who Drake Bell is! And I love "Drake and Josh" -- that show is too funny! So yeah, I'm definitely the only person without kids to recognize his celebrity, but the kid's kinda talented. I actually have (and enjoy!) both of his cds.