Stitch Fix #5

It's that time again!! I got my Stitch Fix yesterday.  Check it out:

Bay to Baubles Doreen Triangle & Tassel earrings ($28) 

I liked the tassel part of the earrings but hated the fake cheap looking gold/diamond part. 

Verdict: return

Pixley Layna textured Fit & Flare Dress ($78)

I loved the colors and pattern of this dress. it was a good thick material which would make it perfect for winter.  It flared out a touch more than I would have preferred but still thought it was a flattering cut. However...when I tried to winterize the dress....eh. i didn't love it. i would have to go out and buy navy tights (or black?) plus shoes.  $78 is already on the high end for a dress...add in the shoes and no thanks. 

Verdict: return....but sadly. 

Elissa French terry Moto jacket ($74)

This was something I had requested on my pinterest so i was pretty excited to find it in the box. however, once i got it on, it hit in a really weird spot. it looked a little better unzipped but i didn't see myself wearing it all that often. plus the material wasn't as soft as i had envisioned. it reminded me of the fake astroturf. 

Verdict: return

dean ankle skinny zip jeans ($78)

These fit like a glove. i liked the length, the waist didn't leave my butt crack hanging out...all things that one looks for in jeans. while i don't technically need another pair of jeans, these are darker than any that i own so that makes them different, right? 

verdict: keep

Lucca Colorblock crew neck sweater ($58)

I wasn't crazy about this when i first pulled it out but once on, i thought the lines hit in good places. Plus i had got rid of a lot of my sweaters last time i cleaned out my closet.  i think i'll get a lot of wear out of the sweater...plus it looks pretty good with the jeans!

verdict: keep

What do you think? Did i make good choices?  i might take a little break between now and my next box...but we'll see! 

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