Smitten Kitten

So much to tell you guys about! It's been so long since I blogged. Where to start....I'll have to break this into 2 different blog posts.

1. I'm smitten. I tried my hand at online dating - in the past, blargh! It's been terrible. But Rachel the roommate suggested I try it out again and so I did. I actually had decent results this time around.  I went on a couple of mediocre dates.  They weren't bad. They just didn't hold my interest at all. I didn't care one way or another if I saw them again or not. Then I went on a good date! He does crossfit, the conversation flowed nicely, he was cute. The following weekend we went out again...but I had 3 dates scheduled in 24 hours and was exhausted by the end of it! The date with xfit dude went well, I enjoyed hanging out with him and I definitely found him attractive. The second date was mini golf which was fun and different in the city...but the guy? Meh. Didn't care. The third date I dragged myself to because I was so tired at this point. I didn't care what I looked like and honestly, just wanted to get it over with. We were meeting up for afternoon tea and since I got there ahead of him, I went ahead and bought my drink so I could drink it and be gone. Except then we started talking....what I thought would be a 30 minute thing ended up being nearly 3 hours!

For the past month, I've been juggling both guys. I've enjoyed both and had no idea who to choose or how to pick. Xfit Dude was "comfortable" - I could see us doing fun, low key stuff - going for runs, grabbing a drink at the bar, watching a movie. The Tea Dude seemed unreal - he's cute (blond hair, blue eyes, strong jaw), has a GREAT job, HAS A BOAT!!!, and seems 100% out of my league. But he's really funny and in a way reminds me of my brother. Don't tell my brother that.

This past weekend was an eyeopener though.  Friday night, I took some brisket that I cooked all day long over to Xfit Dude's. He was iffy at first, saying he didn't like cauliflower (bacon & mushroom risotto - made with cauliflower instead of rice). But he tried it and said it was actually good. Then he said the brisket was dry. And my rollerblading session was good that day but I'd have been better off running. And he preferred pink nail polish instead of the seafoam green that was adorning my toes. Then he called me a fag. In a joking manner. But I was already not feeling it and then I was super not feeling it. First of all, if you want to flirt with a girl, don't insinuate she is gay. Second, don't use offensive words. Third, don't try to offend me by calling me gay. Gay, retard, etc....I hate when people use those words! I left his house with a bad taste in my mouth.

Then I had a dinner date with Tea Dude. He texted me earlier in the day and asked if I wanted to go out on the boat to watch the fireworks show after dinner. He asked if I minded if he invited a couple friends. It was so much fun and so relaxing. Dinner was good, the boat ride was nice. He even brought champagne (though wine glasses to drink out of?!?). His friends were nice. We stayed out just floating in the lake for about 3 hours. Just chatting. It was so fun. He definitely brought his A-game. When he looks at me, I feel like I'm the prettiest girl in the room. Which is cheesy. But true. He's texted me every night this week but so far, we don't have any additional dates lined up. I am 100% smitten with him, cheesy goofy grin and all. By default I'm trying to back peddle and avoid that feeling....but sometimes I just relax and enjoy it :)

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