Let's Give This Another Go

Ok so I made it through the 30 day Paleo challenge. Well, mostly. I had a few hiccups but they were pretty minor. I was pretty frustrated with it because I didn't lose ANY weight, my clothes didnt' fit ANY differently - and let's face it, I'm vain. These are the reasons I was doing the challenge. I will admit (as much as I hate to) that when I returned to my poor eating habits that I felt really bad. Like, hungover bad. I couldn't sleep, I woke up unrested (obviously the case with no sleep), I was crabby (more so than my usual self), I had no energy. It sucked. I figured I could buckle down, eat more bad stuff and work my way through the sludge and then I realized....I don't want to feel like that!
I'm starting over again - this time for a shorter time period. I'll go 3 weeks on, 1 week off. I'm also watching portion sizes since if I eat more than my body needs, it'll turn to fat - maybe I don't need to eat a whole 15 oz steak??? We'll see how this goes. I would update you all with more pictures but there is nothing new to see...maybe after this next cycle.
Oh and I'm also only doing one cheat meal a week. Y'all will like this - it's going to be brunch. Which means my new foodquest for the year will be...brunch!

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