Today is not going as I had hoped. I walked into work only to be greeted with "hey boo! We found the bib clip." There are 2 problems with this. 1) I got called boo. I hated when that was popular in the 90s. I hate it even more now. 2) I had JUST walked in the door. All my other coworkers seem to get that I'm not friendly until around 10 but not this girl. No ma
tter how much I scowl at her she still keeps trying. And the harder she tries, the longer it takes me to be nice to her! She's still new but I thought she would have learned after 3 months.
Then, I moved from the top of an important people list to somewhere smack in the middle. Boo! Oh well, at least it's the weekend in 3 hours. Surely that should improve matters.

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