Super Sadness

I have put myself on a food budget. I'm only allowed to spend half of the ridiculous amount that I normally spend on food. This means a lot more cooking at home. I made a delicious White Rabbit Salad (cottage cheese, honey, fruits, walnuts) to eat for breakfast for the next few mornings. It didn't say it's a breakfast salad but it's lots of fruit plus all the protein from the cottage cheese...so breakfast it is!
I also tried my hand at a Morrocan Orange & Walnut Salad - sounds great, right? I thought so! It did have radishes in it and I'm not exactly sure I like radishes...but I thought I'd try it anyways. You section the orange (first time...I got much better by the 3rd orange!) and then put honey & cinnamon in the bowl and let it soak. Then you combine purple onions, radishes, mixed greens & olive oil. Finally, you put it all together and top it with toasted walnuts. I decided to add some sauteed shrimp to the mix so I could have a little protein with my meal. Everything was smelling super good as I took my first bite. *Bleck!* It was way to oily and way to oniony. I managed to eat it tonight but...I just don't think I can do it again 2 more days. I had to throw it out. Now I have to budget my money even further than I already am to make up for those 2 meals!

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