So I went out last night....I NEVER go out during the week. Well, for that matter, I never go out ever but week nights especially. However, special occasion: Cute boy asked if I wanted to join him for drinks. Now....I have had little to no interest in dating since...oh...two years ago (something like that, trace it back to when Voldemort and I broke up...). There have been spurts where I'll attempt to date but nothing life shattering...so the fact that I kinda like Cute Boy and I'm kinda getting the vibe that he might like me back...well, these are good things - I think.
So, it ended with me being ridiculously drunk (but hiding it well I like to think) and him being...maybe drunk? He said it was fun and he was out of town this weekend but we should do it again next week. So...those are good signs, right? Maybe next week we can do something without all the alcohol though because I was definitely not feeling good all day long...and work today? ha...not one of my best days!

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Emily/Randomability said...

Yay for dates!! Maybe something like ice or roller skating (showing my age) or something fun like that.